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User onboarding is the process of introducing new users to a product or service. It is designed to provide users with the necessary information and tools to get the most out of the product or service. It should include all the necessary steps a user needs to take, from signing up to using the service. 

Stories can be a powerful tool for helping users understand the user onboarding process. Stories can be used to explain the features and advantages of the product or service in an easy-to-understand way. By providing the user with an engaging and entertaining story, they can learn quickly and retain the information better. 

Stories can also help users understand the process or service in a shorter period of time. With a narrative, users can quickly identify the steps they need to take to get the most out of the product or service. They can also understand the “why” behind the process, which can help them feel more confident in their decision to use the service. 

Lastly, stories can help convert users. By providing an engaging and entertaining story, users can be more likely to complete the user onboarding process. The story can provide a compelling reason for users to sign up directly from a story and start using the service, which can help increase conversion rates.

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