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Featured Stories are stories in widgets that always come in the first place. These stories are usually used for content that’s newsworthy, informative, entertaining, or otherwise compelling and is meant to catch the attention of users and encourage them to engage.

So, what’s the right content for featured stories?
Anything you want to be highlighted in your app or on a website.

What can you use it for?

E-commerce brands can use featured stories to highlight new collections, tell a brand story, share interesting user-generated content or simply point out time-limited promotions.
On the other hand, publishers can use featured stories to highlight the most important news of the day or to point out stories from events such as sports competitions. 

How can you enable it?

From our editor, you can add labels to them to point them noticeably. But also, you can schedule and unschedule when you want some story to be featured.

Featured stories are a selection of content that is chosen by editors or curators to be showcased on a platform's main page or section to highlight interesting, engaging, or relevant information to the user.

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