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SEO management in 2022

If you plan on tackling SEO management in 2022 there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Luckily, we're here to help.

January 23, 2024

Once you start managing SEO you soon learn that it is an evolving concept. Trends that were in play a year or two ago are either outdated or completely obsolete now. This is why you need to continually educate yourself about SEO in order to tackle it with decent effectiveness. And it is also why predicting future SEO trends can be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, we will give you our idea of what SEO will be like in the following months and what effective SEO management in 2022 entails.

Improve your SEO

One thing that has slowly become a rule in SEO is that there are no quick solutions. Following modern trends does give you a boost. But, in order to get decent SEO rankings, you need to have a good base to build upon. This includes making a website, filling it with content and following the overall Google guidelines. So, if you haven't so far, try to first cover the basics and only then proceed to incorporate modern trends.

Quality is paramount

Even during 2021, quality was becoming the primary trend when it comes to content creation. While before you could get away with covering interesting subjects, or simply having a large amount of content, nowadays you need to have quality in mind. What constitutes quality content is still disputable, as Google is constantly changing its parameters. But, the main factors, like accuracy, readability and informativeness still remain vital and will continue to be so in 2022.

Quality underlined.
Defining what quality content is can be difficult as parameters can vary based on content type and subjects.

The one good thing is that Google's main goal is content quality and SEO value synonymous. This means that by simply trying to write quality content for your audience, you will naturally get good SEO results. So, at least when it comes to written content, you will have to worry less and less about following ongoing trends or making some algorithm notice you.

Google Web Stories

Google Web stories are slowly gaining traction in the SEO world. While before they were seen as little more than a gimmick, it is becoming quite obvious that Google values good web stories and the content they provide. Therefore, if you plan on tackling SEO in any meaningful way, you really ought to study and utilize web stories as much as possible. Platforms like StorifyMe make creating web stories fairly straightforward. So don't shy away from them if they seem complex at first glance.

Voice search optimization

A rough estimate is that around 60% of consumers frequently use voice search for their everyday needs. After all, once you get used to using Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, it becomes a bit arduous to type out what you need on a computer or a phone. Therefore, one of the innovations you should incorporate in 2022 is voice search optimization.

An amazon Echo Dot device, representing one of the search engine trends that you need to keep in mind for decent SEO management in 2022.
More and more people are using voice search devices on regular basis.

Keep in mind that more and more devices have voice search capabilities. Vehicles, smart TVs, medical devices, and kitchen appliances all come with voice search options. So, if you optimize your website for voice search, you can easily get a surge of audience. The main idea behind this optimization is to implement conversational content. This includes a more casual tone that your users are likely to use in their voice search.

Technical SEO

Making sure that your website runs well and that the user experience is top-notch is becoming more and more important for SEO. In fact, you can pretty much forget having a good SEO rating, if your website isn't well designed and properly optimized. No matter how well written your content is, your users aren't going to hang around to read it if the UX is bad, or if the website performs poorly. This is not only true for PC versions of your website, but also for mobile. So, make sure that your website is well optimized for all the popular platforms.

A web developer working on a computer.
SEO management in 2022 will require you to work with a web developer. Al least on a semi-regular basis.

While there are tools that can help you optimize your website, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional web developer to help you. Website optimization is a complicated issue, and it is not something that you can simply pick up on the fly. An experienced professional will be able to outline what the key issues of your website are and ensure that they are properly dealt with.

User intent

Another SEO trend on the rise is putting user intent first. Namely, all companies have some sort of demographic they cater to. Even large companies cannot hope to effectively promote their content to everyone. Doing so is usually ineffective, and turns out to be a large waste of money. So, what most successful companies do is try and create their content around their audience, therefore providing them with the information they need.

Putting user intent first means walking in their shoes. The more you can think like your customer, the better you can figure out what information they need, and they are likely to try and look for it. This allows you to determine keywords, post topics and even content type. The whole point of SEO in 2022 is quality over quantity. And the surest way to create quality content is to first understand your customers.

Final thoughts about SEO management in 2022

SEO management in 2022 can be boiled down to two concepts. Ease of use, and personalization. To find and maintain decent online traffic you need to personalize your content for your users. The more you research and understand them, the easier it will be to figure out what kind of content to create. And once you do figure them out, you need to make your content easy to access and absorb. This is where website optimization, casual writing style and simplified explanations come into play. Know that your customers have little patience. So, don't expect them to slog through your content, even if it is quite interesting.

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