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Struggling with a creative block? Feed your brain with Netflix and get inspired!

You know that feeling when you want to create an awesome story, but your brain is like - bluuuuuuuuuh. 🤯 You feel like you should post the picture of your food... But, dang it, you're barely a grown-up, and the only thing left in your house are noodles. And we all know noodles.

March 29, 2022
Website stories example with woman without inspiration on one slide

Dear, you run out of inspiration!

So, cook that noodles, watch season 3 of Friends on Netflix while eating, allow yourself to survive a couple of panics, meditate and accidentally fall asleep. Then wake up and find some motivational quotes to twist into the creative process and create something unique.

Inspire Yourself!

☝️ Here is one advice you see all over again (totally understandable if you pass).

But let’s get real, it’s called spying on your competition, and it’s totally fine, till you start stealing ideas, which is not cool. It’s like going on Pinterest or Dribble for some designing thrill, except it’s not. You are more than that, modify...and don't make up some excuses before you even started.

Typical Excuses You Now Need To Avoid

I work with/have no brands or products

So what? Isn't this the ideal way to slowly get an idea for a new product you've been planning to release? Yes, your audience can be great listeners and advisors, let them speak instead of you.

Also, it is a unique way to show that you can rock sales too and let brands notice you!

I have a brand but no customers - I need to boost sales!

Remember Phoebe’s unique taste? She grabs a guitar and hits the spotlight! Remember that you are your own model, the best one! Who will wear those funky socks better than you? Who will speak your brand voice better than you? Come on you a hidden influencer, show us those skills. Instead of guitar, put on those funky beauties, capture them, upload, edit with awesome features, and publish! Where? EVERYWHERE! On your Instagram, Facebook, Messanger, WEBSITE (yes, yes, this is HUGE) or on any of your personal profiles!

I am not creative but my brand has to survive

Not super hard to achieve now that there are templates. And there is a ton of them to choose from.

Website Stories Templates Gif

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Templates are also an awesome way to get professional stories, save time, and get work done, all that without copyright infringement. Put your colors, upload your font and you’re all done in less than half an hour.

I don’t know how to grab attention - maybe nobody cares :(

Okay, are you sure? Maybe they are losing attention after the fourth or fifth slide? You don’t know until you take a deep look into insights. You’ll be surprised, especially if you use StorifyMe insights. No moaning, explore, adjust and keep the good storytelling until the end. It will work eventually, believe me!

No inspiration, but you still!

Before breaking your leg trying to stick a perfect pose for your story, don’t try being different, present life as it is. You can always take a picture of your messy office, or your tired face after long work on your new project, then add emojis, gifs, polls, or just complain. You’re more than allowed to!

Website Lack of Inspiration Story Slide Changing

Be human, share your mood, your troubles, make a joke, or ask a question - you are always the best story to tell! Be Joey just for one day, you’ll see the difference in your creative process 🙃

P.S. I told you that Netflix will help. ✌

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