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The Ins and Outs of Snackable Content

Jana Filipovic
minutes long

If you’re perusing the Storifyme website, you’re probably in the storytelling business or looking for somebody who can navigate and demystify these moody, demanding internet waters on your behalf… Luckily, you’ve sailed upon a team of seasoned storified sailors, who’ll gladly show you how to become the master of product storytelling.

Breathing life into web stories and wind in your sails is our strong suit. We’re here to give every tale a chance to be told, and nowadays, the best way to get that done is to go small, go light, go bite-sized or better yet: to go snackable!

What Is Snackable Content?

It’s a term used for short, sharable pieces of content that are easy to consume: memes, gifs, haikus, insta stories, vines, pictures, infographics, or any combination of those. Anything that you need to ponder over or have to "save for later when you have the time", does not qualify as snackable! Naturally, the article you had in your bookmarks since 2017 and that 20-minute long video essay about bird migrations you've had in your "watch later" playlist for years now doesn't count as light or bite-sized.

If your friend sends you a 3000 thousand word article you’ll put it off for “the perfect moment” when you have “the concentration and willpower” to go over it, right? What happens when that same friend sends you a TikTok? A meme about Tiger King or a gif from your favorite movie that lands you straight to some storified landing page? You open it straight away because you know they won’t take so much of your mental energy that you'll understand what it's about, and (most importantly) you’ll be done with it as soon as you say “snackable”.

Why Do People Prefer Bite-Sized Content:

Not to say that we don't enjoy thought-provoking, well-articulated stuff as well, but you don't need the right surroundings or peace and quiet to consume "the shorties". Snackables are easy on the eyes without consuming much processing power: you click it, you chase the boredom away, you're entertained for a moment, but then you can go back to your life.

On the other hand, if you look at it as a storyteller, marketer, snackable content holds a special place in your heart because it’s effective and it gets people engaged like nothing else does. The human attention span isn’t what it used to be, and as somebody who’s trying to work around that fact, you have to be painfully aware of it. Every second, every character, every picture counts and it gets the job done wonderfully!

Enriching the User Experience

Not only that bite-sized is more user friendly while being engaging and shareable, but it is usually accessible across all the platforms, without a dip in quality. No matter if your audience uses little or big screens, they are going to prefer stuff that's clear and concise which is much easier done with short-form and long-form. Bite-sized content shines equally bright on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, phones, tablets, and PCs. When you offer people interesting content and seamless experience across all platforms and devices, they will surely come back for more.

Keep the Word Count Low

Some limits, like that 140-word max on Twitter or haiku structure, really test wordsmith’s ability to convey a message within extreme restrictions. It forces one to pick words with extreme care and to make sure that everything that has to be said, is said. It’s a cruel and frustrating process, but you emerge as a better, more direct and efficient storyteller at the end of it. If used correctly, those few lines can pack more punch than an hour-long speech. In the age of information overload, people do tend to stick around if you don’t waste their time and get straight to the point, because...

Visuals Make Even Your Little Stories Feel Alive!

The best way to pull people in is through visuals, a topic we’ve covered on multiple occasions. A few amazing lines and the smoothest user experience ever all the way to your storified microstore won’t mean much if you don’t have that much needed visual appeal. If you want people to remember you, your brand and your message, the best way to go about it is to use as few words as possible (as mentioned above) and to pair them with lovely pictures.

Remember though, being appealing is not enough. You have to be interesting, too!

Snackables Are Editor's Dream

If we don't have you excited by now, let's try with this: this little, bite-sized format is easier to edit and put together. You can conceptualize your page and all of your posts as a puzzle and approach each and every "share" as a unique part of that bigger picture... The flexibility of the format gives you plenty of room to play around with and keep things fresh. You can always stay current and up to date, with the latest trends and popular topics woven into it. The sky's the limit!

Besides, if you pop out plenty of snackable storified articles on a daily basis, you'll have enough data to analyze precisely. That will help you understand your audience better and deliver the content that they’ll love.

Why Should You Go Snackable

The Internet is a vast ocean filled with possibilities, and therein hides its magic and its curse.

And as you look for new ways to tell your stories, it’s extremely easy to get lost in all possibilities the magical world of interwebs offers. So don’t you ever forget that you have to be smart about your sailing, because otherwise, your content may end up in internet abyss, not getting the love it rightfully deserves

You have to be smart about it, and showcase your snackable content with clear intent in mind otherwise, your post(s) will be lost in the depths of the interwebs. There's no need to worry though, Storifyme will help you conquer everything!

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