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Web Stories: Alternative, Exciting, Lucrative, and Way of Advertising

Jana Filipovic
minutes long

Day in and day out, all business people are trying to figure out the best way to get their work done. As far as marketers go, we know that the best results are achieved with the masterful use of compelling narratives and monumental events dressed as brand experiences. Not that your services, product storytelling, quality, and usefulness aren't important, they are pillars of everything you do. However, you have to try your best, on multiple battlefields to earn your reputation and keep it when it comes to SERPs, immersive content, brand experience.

The competitive side of this world is only magnified when you add the internet with all its possibilities as the foundation of the whole "success equation". One of the best ways you can separate yourself from the competition, earn some extra cash and impress your potential and returning customers is by utilizing web stories in all possible ways!

Whether you’re a publisher, e-commerce specialist, marketer, or customer care professional, or a hard-working person from any walk of life trying to make it in this day and age - you can find fresh and exciting uses for web stories in our day to day life and business endeavors.

What Are Web Stories Exactly?

Google web stories are formerly known as AMP stories. AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is a technical/programmer gibber gabber for “webpages that load very fast on mobile”. Some day soon, we’ll cover the technical nitty-gritty of the whole AMP, web story shindig, that is - if you want to know the background works of these visually appealing tappable narratives.

For now, the essential thing to know about web stories is that they are SEO-friendly, organic traffic boosting, and an exciting corner of the internet for everyone who likes their visual content standing out.
With the Storifyme platform and all straightforward options it offers, you can easily create a storified article, a slideshow of images, or a video and use it as you see fit! You don't have to spend hours researching the subject - you can just get right to the business and let your creative side shine. With our platform and tools at your disposal, you can easily create, adjust, and measure easily consumable, snackable content ready to peak interest and improve conversions.

If you're under the impression that all that effort goes into articles, pictures, and/or videos that will disappear on a 24hour mark, prepare for good news. Web stories are time-sensitive unlike their Instagram, Snap, or Facebook equivalents. They have similar options, that's true, but you can have the content produced with StorifyMe displayed for as long as you like. Furthermore, with this kind of story, you have complete independence from any other platform. Your little work of art is completely your own!

In summary, web stories provide:

  • Time-sensitive content, unlike their Instagram, Snap, or Facebook equivalents
  • Content production on your own,
  • Complete independence from any other platform
  • Stories that last indefinitely and are customizable

What Can I Do with Web Stories?

Web stories are here to convey a message, spark interest, or whatever you want them to do. You can do informative how to's, various lists, recipes, serious news, storified guides, even memes as part of your very own highly visual self-contained articles. Sky's the limit!

You can:

  • Engage visitors on the mobile with unprecedented visually-heavy tales
  • Design an effective storified landing page that converts based on data you have
  • Enhance desktop experience with this interesting new twist
  • Add links (with web stories, you don't need 10k followers to unlock this option)
  • Personalize, survey, create polls, quizzes, little motivational posts whatever you think of
  • Create a fun call to action for your storified microstore
  • Share your stories all over social media
  • Include web stories on your website or other websites as a state-of-the-art version of advertisements

Speaking of the last point...

How Can You Earn Money with Web Stories?

There are many ways! As mentioned above, not only that you can edit them anyway you want to, but you can also include them anywhere on your website or other websites as well. This could be an interesting way of diversifying income for various site holders, especially for publishers. This is a wonderful opportunity to spice up your main page and climb on top of google rankings (since big G prioritizes web stories as a format). Not only that you can monetize your stories, but you can offer space on your website for a unique arrangement for advertising.

You can offer daily spots, weekly prices, or monthly quota and promote those stories as you would promote your one. With all benefits of Storifyme platform, you can arrange these visual snippets in a matter of seconds and they can earn you so much exposure, content, and money in return. Why wouldn't you earn extra few bucks and boost your overall search engine optimization efforts if you're creating clickable content anyways?

Extended Web Story Thrill

If you'd like to have your content featured via web stories on prominent newspaper sites or magazines relevant to your branch that are already using Storified web stories - reach out! Tell them you would like to have a cool, interactive, noninvasive storified ad published on their website. If, however, you are the one with a web story featured on your website and you’d like to work as an extended advertising hand for a brand you like/is in your niche, explain it to them how easy would be to implement a web story, why it would do wonders for their visibility, and how impactful would it be for their SEO positions too!

Try It Out and Let Us Know How It Works Out!

B2B, B2C marketers, salespeople, and everybody in-between have understood the importance of this channel and all the possibilities it offers and all options it gives. Not only that storified ads are non-intrusive (viewers can always skip them if they're not interested), but they also give everybody a wonderful chance to express themselves. With immersive story utilization, you can make your brand, e-store, news outlet, blog, portfolio, etc more accessible.

Get in touch with the interests and preferences of your customer and adjust to themt. Always learn, evolve, change, and upgrade your services, appearance, and products. So, stay on top of your game, innovate and improve your narrative on every turn! And if your inspiration runs low when it comes to personalization or interesting design of your tales, don’t you worry - you can always contact StorifyMe team and help you out any way you can.

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