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Web stories and brand development

If you wish to tackle modern marketing you need to understand the connection between web stories and brand development.

March 29, 2022

If you have notable experience in marketing, you already know how difficult brand development can be. All the research, hard work and market awareness can be for nought if you don't catch the right trend at the right time. And seeing that web stories are one of the emerging trends in marketing, it only makes sense that you make full use of them while it is so. Therefore, in this article, we will cover web stories and brand development.

What it takes to develop a brand

Before we take an in-depth look at web stories and their application in modern marketing, it is important to go over what brand development is all about. While it is a complex subject that would take a whole book to properly cover, we will try to condense it into a few paragraphs. For the purposes of this article, we will look at brand development through two aspects. Brand design and long-term marketing. That way, you will have a better idea of what role web stories will play in the grand scheme of things. For more info on brand storytelling and general brand development, we suggest that you keep reading on our blog.

The better you understand brand development, the more you will appreciate web stories as marketing content.


Brand design

Brand development first starts with brand design. Every notable brand, be it Nike, Tesla or Coca-Cola, has spent a lot of time coming up with a marketable core idea and designing a logo that will suit it. The core idea is what your brand is all about. Your logo is a visual representation of the core idea. Used together these two present the crux of your brand, and are the starting point for the rest of your marketing.

Long-term marketing campaign

Brand development is not something that happens overnight. Once you have a brand to work with, you will need to do ample market research. You need to figure out which platforms to engage, what kind of a website to make, and how to properly engage your customers. You'll need to create suitable marketing content, plan its promotion, and follow the audience metrics to see whether it is working. You may even need to use email marketing to help engage your customers in a more personal way. All this to say that there are a lot of aspects to cover. And to do so properly, you'll need to be aware of every marketing tool at your disposal.

Web stories and brand development - where does it connect

So, with this in mind, where do web stories come into play. Well, web stories stand as a fairly modern marketing tool with great potential. Whether or not you will use that potential for your brand is dependent on how well you understand web stories. And on your capability to put your understanding of web stories into practice.

Where do web stories shine

One of the main goals of modern marketers is to capture viewers attention. Now, more than ever, audiences are plastered with marketing content. It seems like everywhere you go online you have some marketing forced upon you. Therefore, while it is important to make quality content, it won't do you much good if your viewers don't even pay attention to it.

You need to understand the audience's attention span if you are to properly connect web stories and brand development.


Well, one of the things marketers noticed is that story content gets a surprising amount of views. This is primarily because it relies heavily on visual storytelling and bite-sized formating. These two combined do wonders in capturing and maintaining the viewer's attention. As is now, marketing managers primarily use web stories for promotions. Quick, easy to understand and appealing to view, web stories have great engagement rates. And seeing that you can incorporate interactive elements into them, it is only natural that web stories are easy to connect with other areas of marketing.

With all this in mind, it should be fairly obvious that you can use web stories to great effect in your marketing campaign. The main problem is connecting them to your brand and outlining their role in your long-term campaign.

Social media

Trying to tackle modern marketing without the use of social media is a fool's errand. Whether you like it or not, you will have to utilize some social media platform in order to promote your brand. But, as we stated before, it isn't always clear which one you should go for. Different audiences use different platforms. And if your brand is going to work, you need to find the right one.

Social media marketing is made much easier by the proper use of web stories.


Once you chose a platform, you'd be smart to consider using web stories to promote your brand. Some platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, are more open to web stories. Others, like LinkedIn, tend to be less oriented. But, in both cases, a well-made web story can gain surprising attention and increase your brand awareness.

Creating web stories

For a substantial amount of time, marketers were quite limited when it came to creating web stories. If you relied on social media platforms, you had to use their tools. This not only meant that you were limited by their functionality. But also that you weren't the de facto owner of the stories.

Fortunately, platforms like StorifyMe make creating web stories easy, intuitive and liberating. At your disposal, you will have a ton of tools and options, all of which can help you create the story content suitable for your brand.

Final thoughts

With what we've said so far, you should have a good idea of web stories and brand development. While we feel that web stories are simply a type of content, and are therefore suitable for any brand, it is perfectly understandable if you don't feel so. But, before you make your call, we strongly suggest that you do further research. As it is now, web stories give tremendous results. And the basic rule of marketing is that it is much easier to be first than to be smart.

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