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What B2B Content Marketers Simply Have to Learn About Storytelling

Jana Filipovic
minutes long

You may be under the impression that B2B marketing and content generally don't have the enthusiasm or the "edge" and charm B2C does. But, that's not true in any way!

Stories have been part of global culture since the dawn of time, so why would they be any less useful when it comes to business endeavours? A compelling narrative is a thing that pulls people in, no matter if we're talking about storified articles or other subject matters.

Just because your target audience consists of professionals doing B2B buying, it doesn't mean they become a machine once they clock in. We can't fight it all we want, at the end of the day what influences our, their and generally human decision-making-process is much more emotional than logical.

Visual Presentation Before Anything Else

Instead of fluffing that word count, put your pictures and videos where those boring little words would be. In this day and age, visuals are simply a better way to catch and retain anybody's attention. Words are necessary, too but only when used effectively. A well-thought-out video or a beautiful, detailed picture of your storified microstore will showcase you know what you're doing much better than any number of words could.  

Web Stories About and with Your People

Here, at Storifyme, we know that every company is unique and has an interesting story to tell, no stock photos or hired actors needed! Include people from your company in your posts and videos. Incorporate your co-workers' inspiring testimonies, thoughts, and opinions into the content, no department should be left out.

The wonderful thing about this approach is that you can make it completely your own, and if you do it in a fun way, it can be a great team-building exercise. You may think that this approach is simply wrong when corporate matters are in question, but let us remind you: people like doing business with people.

A peek into your company's inner workings will show your team in a whole new light. Once you put a face(s) behind your previously exclusive product storytelling, everything becomes more human and alive. You're not just another corporation that's out to walk over corpses to get the desired profit margin, and that fact will set you apart from soulless, corporate masses.

You're a bunch of people who work hard, who have a wonderful product/service to offer and most importantly - you care! That should be the front and center of your story.

Customer Testimonials Are Also Extremely Important!

The happiness and loyalty of your customers are the things you want to showcase when appealing to B2B buyers. Your satisfied customers should be a part of your narrative as much as your employees are. They are the ones who can vouch for your product and service better than anybody else can. Days of endless self-promoting proclamations dressed as "valid" marketing strategy are (finally!) over. Give the spotlight to those who deserve it and reap the benefits of that wise decision!

You don't even buy shampoo without a thorough online investigation or a recommendation from a trusted source, right? Right. So, let us ask you this - Do you think that those behind business dealings that affect the whole department or company are any less careful or observant? You bet your bottom dollar they'll do a deep dive on everything before making a purchase.

Think Engaging and Impactful!

Create an aesthetic and style that populations worldwide will recognize! Try to keep the same tone and approach across all platforms and give your audience members (whether they are employees, customers or anything in between) an opportunity to engage. People will come because of the storified article and other fun, sharable content. Those who want will stick around for your quality product or service you offer.

Let your audience know what you can do for them without it being a direct add. Construct a story that will naturally lead everybody to your storified landing page, without going "pitch first". If you're aiming for the promotion rather than emotional connection, your story won't reach its full potential.

It may sound complicated, but once you let a good story lead the way, you'll strike gold, and all the complications will be worth it.  

Identify Problems, and (More Importantly) Offer Effective Fixes

Be present and make sure that your eyes and ears are open, on all relevant social platforms. When you have the convo going, utilize the info you get. Figure out the best ways to satisfy customers' needs/wants/desires, and base your web stories around that. Concentrate on one specific thing at a time, do your research and be the hero that delivers the solution. Test it and optimize it when needed and try to improve your content every chance you get. Rinse and repeat!

Functional Value Is Wonderful, Lead with Emotion However

Shared experiences and good stories deepen your relationships with customers, not logical thinking and dry facts. So - for crying out loud - keep things interesting!

B2B marketers tend to rely heavily on numbers, statistics, and graphs in their content. That's not a bad thing per se, but if all that you do is spew data and information at your potential buyer without a nice storyline or charming packing, you won't see the results you deserve.

You'll have a better shot of achieving your goals if you establish an emotional connection with potential customers, and then throw numbers at them. We've been taught our whole life that emotion has nothing to do with a profitable business strategy, but is that so? You're building long-lasting connections, and that can't be done without a little emotional touch.

Don't Neglect Being True to Yourself

In a sea of tips, tricks, opinions, and hacks don't forget to stick to the universal truth: be genuine and honest. Make your brand's personality, humor, and verve the core of your content.

Facts are lovely and extremely important, don't get us wrong. There's no sense in setting the expectations too high or not be realistic. The hard truth will come out sooner or later. Stories, not lies or fairytales, will do wonders for your B2B content marketing.

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