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What Does Brand Experience Mean and Why It Should Be an Essential Part of Your Business Plan

If you've visited StorifyMe blog section more than once, you surely noticed a plethora of product storytelling info along with tips and tricks of the newest digital marketing practices. Today, however, we're going to go further than we ever did before.

March 29, 2022

If you've visited StorifyMe blog section more than once, you surely noticed a plethora of product storytelling info along with tips and tricks of the newest digital marketing practices. Today, however, we're going to go further than we ever did before.

This blog post is reserved for an explanation of a concept that encompasses so much more than any puny marketing tactic or cursory advertising strategy. Strap in and get ready for a storified guide to the ultimate marketing game method of the 21st century.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s a plan of attack that will sculpt and improve your company's narrative in all walks of life, so, you better be ready for it! Without further ado -

What Is The Brand Experience?

It's an omnichannel, holistic approach to your firm's appearance in public eyes. Not any specific media type or format - it's more of a result of all your actions as an enterprise. An impression which your operation (as a whole) leaves on consumers and in turn, how they react to what you are, what you offer, and how you act in any environment.

As you may be aware, your brand's involvement with a customer neither begins nor ends with a visit to your storified microstore. Everything from initial awareness of your product all the way to testimonials or return and refunds, it all falls under the umbrella of brand experience. Your company's tone in social media posts, general attitude, storified ad “vibe” along with direct and indirect experiences with your organization, online or offline -all of those are tiny pieces of a much bigger puzzle.

In summary, brand experience is a sum of all interactions of your audience with your company, and sometimes it’s referred to as experiential marketing. It's the total of all feelings, sensations, memories, thoughts that pop into people's minds when they think of your company.

Why Is the Brand Experience Important

Building a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with the target audience is the main goal of all marketing activities, right? Keeping customers happy and coming back for more is the reason why you continually work on your website, product, and services.

Think about it:

  • Your web stories and digital content are published mainly with your audience in mind
  • Customer service is crucial for maintaining a good relationship with your customers if you want them sticking around
  • Brand events are organized to create an abundance of positive experiences for the consumers

Those pleasant experiences may very well be the spontaneous results of admirable business practices, that is true. However, more often than not, extensive planning and coordination are required to pull off the consistently enjoyable user and brand experiences. The success of your company is inseparably tied to the superiority of your brand’s impression compared to others on the market.

User Experience Vs Brand Experience

Nurturing the overall brand experience relies greatly on gaining as many positive users' experiences as possible. The thing is, user experience aims at one specific person directly, while the latter is more of the general conduct of your company with no specific user in mind.

Let us know if you want to hear more about the similarities and differences between these two marketing methods, and we'll gladly research and report on all the nuances of these two phenomena.

However, all that experience talk begs the question...

Why So Experience-Centric?

Well, in today's day and age a customer’s perception of you is something that makes or breaks your prosperity. That being said, modern consumers cherish experiences more than material possessions. You have to emphasize that aspect of your company's presentation if you want to win their hearts (and consequently wallets) over. Audiences far and wide are constantly evolving and as contemporary marketers eager to succeed, we have to do our best to keep up. People are becoming exceedingly aware that general well being doesn't have much to do with the stuff they can buy. They are realizing that events, feelings, and experiences worth living for and remembering are the true main sources of satisfaction, and they are acting accordingly.

Think About the Average Consumer of the 21st Century

Any ordinary person nowadays is flooded with bland, easily skippable adverts left and right. Their phones, desktops, tablets are all filled with offers they don't care for. What makes them care? Experiences that motivate deeper connections and meaningful relationships do! And those two lead to more clicks on any storified landing page, greater sales, and ROI. What a happy coincidence!

Keep in mind though: modern-day consumers are digitally educated. They won't have to research terms like ad blockers and unsubscribe buttons. Bland advertising white noise will get tuned out easily and without a guilty conscience.

That being said, when something does spark their interest, they are willing to go the distance. They are willing to spend a bit more time and effort to truly get to know the story behind the company and the product they're considering. If they know that their money is going to ethical, responsible, sustainable companies - they will be more than happy to pay a few dollars more for the cause that aligns with their principles.

Start Your Own Brand Experience Journey

Digital natives of tomorrow and today are doing business with inspirational organizations that care more about the environment and people than their bottom line. Your mission and trajectory are clear:

Begin by appealing to that kind of customer! One who feels passionate about projects, companies, products, and campaigns that share their world views and values. The easiest way to get started is to use StorifyMe platform to put your product or company (in the best case scenario both) on the map. With the analytics readily available you can stay on top of all your stats and data, measuring the progress and impact your web stories.

However, if something doesn't seem right - you can always easily adjust it or turn to the Storifyme team for support and any advice needed.

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