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"Impressively, the stories' Call-to-Action (CTA) achieved a click-through rate of 20%, with one in every 5 people responding."

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Discover how Karaca, the leading Turkish home supplies retailer, revolutionized their eCommerce user experience. With over 2,000+ selling points and a dedicated team of 3,500+ employees, Karaca knew they had to take their online platforms to the next level. That's why they turned to StorifyMe Stories. Since implementing this cutting-edge feature in December 2022, Karaca has seen a remarkable increase in overall traffic, app retention, and user engagement.

"StorifyMe has been a game-changer for our business. Its intuitive platform made storytelling cohesive and captivating. Since using it, engagement has skyrocketed and our content quality has been consistently complimented. It’s more than just a tool – it’s transformed how Karaca connects with its audience. Highly recommended!"

Rafet Alp Toprak
Senior Growth Specialist @ Karaca


Karaca was looking for innovative ways to engage with its customers, enhance its eCommerce user experience, and increase overall traffic and retention on the website and mobile application. They needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing platforms and support a variety of use cases.


Karaca made the smart choice of selecting StorifyMe because of its flexibility and seamless integration capabilities. As highlighted earlier, Karaca successfully implemented StorifyMe for a wide range of purposes, including various use cases and campaigns.

Collaborate with Influencers

The Karaca team has taken user-generated content and influencer collaboration to the next level by implementing it on their mobile app. They've found a genius way to showcase their products through tagging in native in-app stories, all with the help of influential personalities. Not only does this innovative approach allow them to measure the impact of each influencer, but it also gives them complete control over traffic, data, and campaign success. 

Influencer story content within our app has demonstrated a remarkable engagement boost, with view durations consistently exceeding the norm by x2.5. This heightened engagement is underlined by our view counts, more than 10,000 users engaged with our Influencer stories within a single month. One notable advantage has been our ability to seamlessly integrate content originally crafted for platforms like Instagram into our app. We had the chance to enhance the user experience by providing content in familiar formats that our customers love. For platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, it is important to be able to position already produced content within the App. The fact that the size and format of the content can be used in the same way also speeds up the content management process.
Screenshot from Karaca app for featuring collaboration with influencers.

Run Special Day and Event Campaigns

Karaca's team has discovered the secret to skyrocketing sales on specific dates like Mother's Day and Black Friday. 

By leveraging StorifyMe's powerful storytelling capabilities, they create engaging stories that not only showcase their products but also offer time-sensitive deals and coupon codes. This not only boosts sales but also enhances the brand's image and maximizes profits during key periods. And that's not all - users can easily redeem coupon codes directly from the stories, streamlining the checkout process and ensuring a seamless shopping experience. 

Plus, Karaca's team goes the extra mile by curating personalized story sets with suggested products that match each user's interests, guaranteeing a memorable and unique shopping journey.

During periods of high website traffic, having a dynamic and easily updatable space that users consistently follow provides convenience for campaign announcements. Sessions involving story engagement have shown a 15% increase in duration compared to those without story engagement. This indicates a positive impact on user interaction and time spent within the app.

Implement Gamification to increase user retention

Every brand and business aims for better user retention and customer loyalty. And, Karaca achieves this easier than ever through the power of gamification. Karaca uses the potential of storytelling in games and competitions to create an immersive user experience. By offering discounts on selected products based on user results, Karaca not only aims to increase customer retention but has also unlocked a profitable and effective revenue stream.

Karaca places a strong emphasis on gamification. We announce our game competitions through stories, leveraging engagement elements like surveys, countdowns, and quizzes from Storifyme. We now provide users with more information about our value-added products. This has enabled us to sell higher Average Order Value (AOV) products successfully. We've observed that users who engage with our stories tend to have higher AOVs. These results contributed to a significant revenue increase.
Screenshot from Karaca app for gamification.

The Results

With StorifyMe, Karaca saw an impressive increase in overall web and app traffic. One of their stories achieved over 150,000 views in a single day, demonstrating the consumers' preference for familiar content formats. Moreover, regular content updates through StorifyMe helped increase app retention and time spent on Karaca's platforms.

In less than a year of using StorifyMe, they saw improvements in key metrics, such as user engagement, website traffic user retention, and conversion rates.

The integration of StorifyMe led to an impressive 15% surge in engagement, indicating a strong resonance with consumers. This involvement translated into concrete gains, as demonstrated by a noteworthy 10% escalation in the conversion rate of value-added products. Impressively, the stories' Call-to-Action (CTA) achieved a click-through rate of 20%, with one in every 5 people responding. These achievements resulted in a 10% growth in the overall conversion rate, signifying a successful revenue increase.

How easy was it for you to implement the StorifyMe solution and to start with active use?

The process of implementing the StorifyMe solution and transitioning into active use was straightforward and efficient. The solution's user-friendly nature allowed for seamless integration, akin to a plug-and-play mechanism. Through the integration of the SDK, we gained the flexibility to strategically place widgets as needed. This streamlined approach not only saved time but also empowered us to enhance our eCommerce experience effectively. StorifyMe's quick and adaptable implementation underscores its impact, exemplifying its role in positively influencing user engagement, traffic growth, and customer retention.


StorifyMe has proven to be a transformative tool for Karaca. It has not only improved user engagement but also contributed to substantial growth in overall traffic and customer retention. The success of this collaboration illustrates the power of StorifyMe as a versatile tool for enhancing eCommerce experiences.

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