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Import Your Audiences

Start creating personalized stories by importing your audiences to StorifyMe. Our team made sure the process is hassle-free and faster than saying ta-daaaa.
Import as csv

Import your audience in a csv format with all the custom descriptions attached to each contact.

Import via API

No need to download your audience and upload it to our CMS. With StorifyMe you can easily import the audience via API.

Sync with your existing CRM

Easily connect your CRM with StorifyMe and start serving story experiences to your audiences! 

Enrich & Segment Your Audiences

StorifyMe lets you define your audiences and import as many personalized fields you need: from age, location and name to the products/services they’re interested in.
Customized audience tags

Add custom tags and prepare your audience for personalized experience. From names, locations and birthdays to their company names or products they’ve purchased.

Multiple audiences & Teams

Import as many audiences you wish, create teams out of audiences and have personalized messages for each of them - easily.


Create segments within your audiences and make sure that each person is getting the content that will ACTUALLY RESONATE with them

Create memorable experiences

StorifyMe lets you create much more than just a personalized story. With StorifyMe you can create memorable personalized experiences

Adding dynamic fields into Stories

Time to share your stories with your audiences! Before you hit that "share" button fill out all the relevant custom fields and prepare a truly memorable experience for your customers!

Location-aware stories (translate)

Create the same story in different languages and let us worry about the rest! Our CMS will recognize the viewer's location and serve them story in the language used in that location!

Create custom tailored flows
for your segments

Make sure each of your segments are enjoying your content in the best possible way. Create custom story flows for each segment and enjoy an extra layer of personalization.

Going an Extra Mile Now Feels Like Chilling in the Park

Connect your personalized stories within your already personalized channels and be among the first to deliver the aligned experience.

Personalized Stories in SMS

Delight your audience with personalized story-like landing pages or engage them by adding a personalized story to your SMS campaign.

Personalized Stories in Emails

Everyone is used to receiving personalized emails, but no one is expecting a personalized experience once they click that CTA button inside of the email.

Dynamic Web/In app stories based on your cohorts

Show different stories to different segments, right in your app or on your website! Create story widgets for all of your segments and show only the relevant story to each of them.

Create your first story within a minute!

AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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