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Digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022

StorifyMe will outline top digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022. That way you can ensure that your marketing campaign is on track.

January 22, 2024

The first thing you learn once you start tackling digital marketing is that it constantly evolves. What was industry standard a couple of years ago has become an obsolete practice in modern times. And with the new technological advancements, you constantly need to be on the lookout for modern trends. So, to help you set yourself up properly, we will use this article to cover the biggest digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022.

The biggest digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022

With the current marketing trends in mind, it is safe to assume that 2022 will be all about increased personalization and cross-platform promotion. In order to gain any kind of quality traffic, you need to outline your users and engage them with the right content. So, the sooner you forget the idea that marketing is all about putting content out for anyone to see, the better.

Relying on only one type of content

Modern digital marketing simply doesn't allow you to rely on one type of content. Yes, if your online presence is relatively modest, and you are trying to reach a particularly small amount of people, you can consider using only one type. But even in this case, you are much better of using two or three. Written content, video content, interactive content, story content, audio content... All these are different formats in which you can represent your brand. And considering them will be especially necessary for SEO management in 2022.

You cannot properly tackle modern SEO if you use only one type of content.


Now, we are not saying that you need to use all of them. In fact, doing so will likely spread you too thin, and diminish the quality of your content. So, it is usually a good idea to focus on two, maybe three types of content and ensure that they are top-notch. By doing so you will do wonders for brand recognition and your overall online presence.

Neglecting mobile users

As it is now, over half of digital buyers use their phones as their primary platform for online shopping. As technology progresses, we can only assume that this percentage will become bigger and bigger. So, if you choose to ignore mobile users in your marketing campaign, you are doing so to your own detriment. Everything from website design to content format needs to be optimized for mobile use. Especially so if your target audience is fairly young.

Not offer discounts or promotions

Even in 2021, it is easy to feel surrounded by constant marketing. Every company out there is trying their best to reach their audience and market their product. Therefore, if you plan on marketing your company, you are likely going to face considerable competition. And thinking that you can overcome that competition without discounts or promotions is a mistake you need to avoid.

Using discounts in your marketing is a must in 2022.


There are many ways to get your customers to pay attention to your content. But, if there is one tried-and-true way to actually engage them, it's through discounts and promotions. By offering a clear incentive to see what you have to say, you are bound to reach an audience that would otherwise stay indifferent to you. So, do yourself a favour and offer discounts and promotions in 2022. Even if it isn't cost-effective in the short term.

Trying to target everyone

As we said before, long gone are the days where you can use your marketing to target everyone. Nowadays it is essential that you outline your target audience. The more you can outline who would be interested in your company, the easier it will be to learn how to engage them. Every demographic has its own set of habits, preferences and requirements. And the sooner you learn what they are, the sooner you can address them. If you try to reach everyone you simply won't have the necessary resources for this research. This will lead to terrible ROI with your marketing, as you'll be trying to engage a lot of people with little reward.

2022 will likely be all about personalization and customer optimization. This means that you will not only have to find your target audience but bring your research down to an individual. In order to promote the right content at the right time, you need to study your customers and see what they are like. And this is only possible if you first lay the groundwork by finding your target audience and outlining what they are truly like.

Neglecting social media

Even now we can safely say that if your business doesn't exist on social media, it essentially has no online presence. Depending on what type of business you run, and what your marketing is like, you need to pick the right social media platform. Again, you might think that using every social media platform is a smart choice. But, this doesn't have to be true.

Trying to use every social media platform is one of the digital marketing mistakes to avoid.


Quality over quantity is a good principle to run your marketing campaign by. So, if you cannot support multiple social media platforms, focus on one and make it shine. Outline what your target audience is most likely to use, and develop a strong profile. But, it is paramount that you have at least one social media profile dedicated to your company.

Final thoughts

2022 stands to be an interesting year for digital marketing. It is becoming plainly obvious that businesses need to invest serious recourses if they are to follow the ongoing trends and stay ahead of the curve. New advancements in VR and AR may yet surprise us, and bring new platforms that companies can use for marketing. But, this is still speculative. What we can say for sure is that personalization and content variability are essential. Fail to implement them, and you'll have no chance of creating an effective campaign. After all, one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022 is not following the ongoing trends.

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