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Social media trends for 2024

Let's check out the top social media trends for 2024 and see how an aspiring brand should orient its online marketing.

Customer Success Team
January 23, 2024

2023 has certainly had its share of surprises. From its emerging trends like AR content, to short-form videos that keep on increasing in value. But, let's now put aside 2023 and look at the upcoming social media trends for 2024.

Prevalent Social Media Trends for 2024

Before we take a deep dive into social media trends for 2024 it is important to recognize that social media, as all online platforms, is prone to sudden and robust change. Although some trends have been prevalent, and will likely continue to be so in the years to come, it is important to remember that social media can and will change. So, keep yourself posted with StorifyMe and learn how to engage social media in the best possible way.

Text-based posts remain (surprisingly) relevant

Not so long ago it was a common expectation that text-based posts would become obsolete on social media. Short video formats were taking an ever-increasing hold. And as they did, it seemed that audiences simply wouldn't have the patience or the interest to view text-based posts. Well, things took an unexpected turn.

Twitter shown on a screen.
Even though Twitter changed its name, it's legacy remains as one of the top social media trends for 2024.

There are a couple of reasons why text-based posts are so relevant, and will likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Firstly, creating them is easy and available. Essentially anyone can create text-based social media posts and voice their thoughts. Even with platforms like StorifyMe and various AI tools, it is still not as easy to create visual content as it is to create written content. This ease of use has made quick-response posts and comments mostly reliant on written content. While response videos are a thing, they still require ample time and effort. Meanwhile, a written post is quick, easy, and to the point. Therefore, don't be surprised that X (former Twitter) is projected to increase the number of users by 100 million and that Facebook still pulls large view numbers through written posts.

Social platforms as search engines

The most common way to find something on the Internet is by using a search engine (like Google). And while this still holds true in 2024, social media has become a close second. Namely, if you are looking for factual data about a subject, you would opt for Google. But, if you are looking for opinions, reviews, or testimonials, social media is the way to go. Specific platforms provide specific knowledge (like LinkedIn with jobs or Facebook with personal profiles). Therefore, if you have a general idea of what you are looking for, you should pick the right social media platform with ease.

Keep in mind that social media platforms integrate robust search functionalities, allowing users to discover content, products, and communities more seamlessly. And AI-driven algorithms enhance search experiences by providing highly personalized and relevant results within social platforms. Therefore, it is becoming easier and easier to use social media to find the information you need.

The comeback of longer video content

Not so long ago we talked about the prevalence of short videos and how they will become the dominant marketing format. Well, to everyone's surprise, longer videos are making a comeback. Keep in mind that "longer" in this case means 2-10 minutes. Before people used social media to pass the time, now they are actively using it to learn and entertain themselves. As such, content creators no longer have to focus on short, dopamine-rush videos. Instead, they can actually look to cover a subject in a 2-10 minute video. This goes hand in hand with the previous trend of using social media as a search engine. In 2024, people will look to social media for information. And you need to use at least 2-10 minutes to actually provide it.

Two people making a long video, showing one of the social media trends for 2024.
Longer videos enable you to give your viewers something of actual value.

With this in mind, platforms optimize for longer video consumption, introducing features like chapters, series, and playlists to enhance viewer experience and retention. They therefore motivate both content creators and viewers to absorb longer videos as a new, and fairly interesting format.

Engagement is shifting from feeds to direct messages (DMs)

Brands that are looking to engage their customers need to forgot the old-fashioned way of creating social media posts and hoping for the best. Instead, they need to opt for sending personalized DMs. Keep in mind that most customers skim through social media with little care or interest in what brands have to say. Therefore, even if you create a top-notch post, it can quite easily fly under the customer's radar. To avoid this from happening, brands opt for sending DM. While this is a more direct and intrusive way of handling marketing, it does show decent results. Especially if the brand does its due diligence and actually researches its customers. A well-timed, well-created DM with a good CTA can easily lead to a conversion. And with modern AI tools, brands will likely be able to personalize and research their customers with surprising ease.

Shares are becoming more important than likes, comments, or followers

One of the well-known facts of online marketing is that some brands try to buy their way out of obscurity. Namely, buying likes and followers is by no means new or unheard of. Brands look at it as a relatively quick way to boost their online relevance and hopefully gain some traction with actual customers. Unfortunately, this rarely works. Modern social media platforms are particularly keen on finding fake likes and followers and punishing brands for having them. And even modern customers are aware that a relatively unknown brand with a large number of empty profiles isn't really worth doing business with.

Well, as a result of all of this, shares have become the most important metric when it comes to reviewing user engagement. Platforms modify algorithms to prioritize shared content, considering it as a stronger indicator of valuable and impactful posts. On the other hand, users actively share content that resonates with them, leading to increased organic reach and wider audience exposure. Because of this, content creators look to design shareable, high-quality content that prompts their customers to share.

Potential for Telegram to rise as the next super app

Telegram has slowly, but surely, risen in popularity over the past years. The reason for this is manyfold, but it mostly boils down to the fact that it is not associated with any major social media networks like Facebook. Telegram is seen as a free platform, where users can find information that would otherwise be censored or canceled. Furthermore, Telegram has taken extra steps when it comes to user safety and ease of use, while other messaging platforms have failed to keep up. Some of these include:

  • Animated stickers.
  • Custom-made stickers.
  • Chat folders.
  • Self-destructing massages.
  • Large file sharing.
  • Multiple profile pictures.
  • Themes and customization.

Seeing that we live in an era when people value privacy and the ability to express themselves as they see fit, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Telegram has risen, and that it will continue to do so in 2024.

LinkedIn is moving away from personal content and gaining traction among Gen Z

On a more specific note, we will look at some individual social media platforms. For one, LinkedIn is gearing up to introduce some interesting changes in 2024. It has worked long and hard to establish itself as a platform that is focused on the professional sphere. You would go on LinkedIn if you wished to find career advice, professional updates, or job positions. Yes, an occasional social or political post would creep in every now and then. But, they were mostly revolved around jobs and professional development. Well, little by little, people started treating LinkedIn as a new Facebook. They would write personal anecdotes and post weekend selfies, and only put some hashtag or a general quote in order to make it "seem professional". Some wouldn't even do that.

Therefore, LinkedIn decided to clean the platform a bit and refocus on what made it what it is today. The new algorithm prioritizes professionalism by refocusing on professional networking and advice. That way, LinkedIn looks to maintain its status of being a hub for career development, mentorship, and educational content.

Another thing to keep in mind for 2024 is that Gen Z is slowly but surely growing as a workforce demographic. More and more young people are looking for work, and LinkedIn is the go-to address. Therefore, if brands wish to engage the new audience, they will have to gear their content towards Gen Z.

 It won't be long before Gen Z becomes the majority of the workforce. Especially when it comes to online jobs.

Anticipate TikTok Shop putting a spotlight on authenticity

While the growth of TikTok is hardly a surprise, it is worth mentioning that social commerce has grown considerably on it. Especially in 2023. More and more brands have recognized that promoting and selling their product via TikTok is the best way to engage younger audiences. But, not all brands do so in an honest, straightforward way. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is hard to view comments and reviews on TikTok. This, seemingly small aspect, has led to widespread misinformation and misrepresentation from dishonest brands. To combat this, TikTok looks to focus on authenticity. Brands that showcase their products honestly, and not in a sales-y way will gain more favor from TikTok's algorithm. If you wish to use TikTok in your marketing, which you definitely should, you ought to keep this in mind.

Social platforms aren't quite moving into the metaverse yet

When metaverse came out, it seemed that all social media platforms might conglomerate into one. But, this has not happened, and likely won't. At least in 2025. Conversations about the metaverse continue, but mainstream integration into social media platforms remains exploratory. Zuckerberg had to tighten the belt, sort to speak, which is why the expansion of the metaverse isn't much of a priority.

Social media managers will use AI

Even in 2023, AI-driven tools become indispensable for data analysis, content creation, targeted advertising, and personalized user experiences. And 2024 won't be any different. If you want to do your job in social media, you will have to use AI. Whether to collect and analyze data. Or to help create and edit content. AI has already become an integral part of social media management. Social media managers have embraced AI technologies to streamline workflows, enhance content strategies, and optimize user engagement. And as time goes on, we are likely to find new ways to make use of AI.

A person using AI.
Whether we like it or not, AI is becoming more and more prevalent.

Now, it is important to mention that while AI is growing rapidly, our society is failing to keep up with the changes. The job market, the legal system that encompasses it, our technology, and how we use it. All need change due to AI. And if we are not responsible, there is ample room for problems.

What the future holds

To end our post, we would like to give a general view of what social media trends for 2024 will be like. The previous paragraph perhaps holds the most value, as it stands to impact all the others. Namely, AI is becoming more advanced. The difficulty lies in predicting how advanced it will become and whether we, as a society, will be able to keep up. Apart from that, you only need to remember that people value honesty and information. Whatever trends become prevalent in social media, and online marketing in general, honesty and valuable information will always be in need. So, if you are a brand that is wondering how to present itself, know that these two give you the best fighting chance.

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